The New Xtreme Duty 1000xp full kit.

Xtreme Duty 1000xp full kit. 1 1/16" x .250 a arm tubing with added brace tube that can also have swaybar tabs added to. Extra sheet metal gusset on the bottom of the upper a arm. Lower a arm is fitted with a longer 3/16" thick gusset plate. 
Radius rods are 1 1/16" HEX solid that has been run through a heat treat process. Only weighs 1lbs more per ft than our current radius rods. All new HD stainless bushings in all joints. Swaybar links made from the same HEX material.
Trailing arms have a UHMW rock slide fitted to the underneath and we will stock these slider replacements.
Overall we just built off our current model parts but went over the top for strength and durability. These parts will carry our LIFETIME warranty as well. 

Special Carriers mfg/Clint