Special Carriers Manufacturing has been a fabricating shop for close to 50 yrs.

Myles W. Todd started the business fabricating customized & unique car carriers and car trailers. Several years later Jay and Clint Todd,  Myles's sons, joined into the business with him. Since then the business has continued to remain a custom fabricating shop.

The shop is family owned and run and consists of a vast experience provided by all three members. Myles has been fabricating and proto-typing parts for 50 years for numerous industries and is a master fabricator. Clint has honed his skills under Myles to become a master fabricator as well. Jay has a degree in Engineering and works with Myles and Clint on design and R&D. The company has always took pride in saying, "If you can dream it; we can build it."

New ventures have found the Todd's developing off road suspension parts for popular UTV's. Though the items are few here in the beginning, they have been constantly developing and proto-typing many suspension, bumper, safety and cage parts. All these items will continue to trickle onto the website for future sale.